Refinishing Ideas For Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Ideas For Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing your kitchen cabinets will give them new life while sparing you the considerable expense of buying new ones. Painting or staining is the most common and least taxing way to achieve a new look for your kitchen cabinets.

Whether painting or staining, or even going for a laminate or veneer finish for your cabinets, you should consider what style best suits your kitchen and choose the appropriate finish accordingly. Comparing the different styles that are available or consulting with a home improvement professional may provide you with the needed inspiration for your cabinet redesign. Searching online home improvement sites will yield new ideas for refinishing your kitchen cabinets.

Painting or Staining Kitchen Cabinets

Painting cabinets is the easiest way to refinish your kitchen cabinets. You have a wide palette of color from which to choose that can add a lot of style and pizazz to your kitchen. Painting is the easiest of refinishing methods since it typically only requires you to sand the surfaces and apply the paint.

A color wheel can help you narrow your color choices and find a match to your existing kitchen. Use a semi-gloss paint and primer to bring out the wood’s natural beauty without a lot of glare or shine.

Staining involves much of the same process as painting. Whether you choose an alcohol-based or opaque stain, you have as wide an array of colors and types to choose from for your refinishing needs.

Kitchen Cabinet Plans

In addition to painting and staining your kitchen cabinets, you can add new life to them by purchasing new doors and hardware. You can purchase a kitchen cabinet plan from a home improvement center that has all of the materials necessary to add a laminate veneer facing to your cabinets. The style of kitchen cabinet plans available can be modern or European.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets are replacement veneers for your cabinets. They are going to be in the same style as the cabinet fronts that you are replacing.

European Style Kitchen Cabinets

Instead of a traditional style cabinet refinishing, you may decide to go with European style cabinets and hardware. European style cabinetry has clean lines and a symmetrical look to it that gives it a post-modern feel. If you have ever been to a store like IKEA, you are familiar with this contemporary style.

You can purchase the cabinet doors and hardware in the same manner as traditional cabinets and install them to your existing cabinet frames. This refinishing idea can give your kitchen cabinets a completely different look and feel.

These refinishing ideas can help you change the look of your kitchen cabinets without a lot of work or efforts. A paint brush or rag to apply stain and a screwdriver to remove old cabinet doors is all that is needed to completely makeover your kitchen cabinets. You can explore these ideas at your local home improvement center and apply them to your next kitchen remodeling project.

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