Refinishing Metal Bed Frames

What You'll Need
Steel Wool
Liquid Paint Remover

Although metal bed frames are one of the sturdiest type of bed frames available, they need to be refinished from time to time. It’s not a tough job to refinish a metal bed frame, but you need to do it correctly so that you can avoid having to do it often. Metal bed frames give that little extra flare to your bedroom which no other type of frame can give you, so make sure to take care of it as much as possible in order to keep it in tip top shape. 

Step 1: Cleaning the Surface

The first thing to do is to clean the metal surface of your bed frame. This can be done by using a general household cleaner. In order to reach and clean tricky parts of the metal bed frame, you can use an old toothbrush; remember to clean it well in order to refinish it properly.

Step 2: Removing Old Paint and Rust

There are various methods on how to remove old paint. If you like, you can use a liquid solution that is specially made to remove and eat away old paint from metal surfaces. If you’d rather use a more manual method, you can scrape off the old paint with the help of steel wool and a high grit sandpaper, lowering the grit accordingly. Another effective method is to have the old metal frame sandblasted. If you have the latter option, it is advisable to use it, but if not, the other methods will do. Just make sure that all of the paint and rust are taken care of. 

Step 3: Apply the Primer

Now, the next thing to do is to apply the primer to the metal bed frame. At this point, it is advisable to use a rust inhibiting primer. For a perfect application, follow accurately the manufacture’s instruction and, most importantly, the recommended drying time. Remember to add the primer as fast as possible after the sanding has been done because rust starts to accumulate very quickly. Once the primer has dried well, it’s time to move to the last step.

Step 4: Painting the Metal Frame

The color of the paint is not important. It's up to you to choose, but make sure to use a quality, non-toxic paint made specifically for metal. Apply as many coats are you think is necessary to do a good job. Make sure to leave the last coat of paint to dry well before attempting to apply another coat of paint.

Make sure to maintain your metal bed frame well and check often for rust so that you can get rid of the problem easily without having to refinish the whole frame.