Refinishing Oak Floors Properly

What You'll Need
Shop vac
Floor sander
Wood stain
Dust mask
Floor wax or finish
Heavy sandpaper
Light sandpaper
Wide broom

Refinishing oak floors properly is not a difficult process by any means, but it does take some basic knowledge and tools to get professional-looking results. Hardwood floors dull and wear with time, meaning that refinishing them from time to time is necessary.

Refinishing Your Oak Floors

First remove all furniture from the room as well as any obstacles like nails or tacks that can tear your sandpaper or damage the sander.

Sand your floor following the grain of the wood using a combination of a mechanical sander and sandpaper for the best results. If your floor sander is incapable of reaching into edges and corners, you may need to use an edging machine as well.

After you sand the floor, sweep or vacuum away all remaining saw dust. Then you will need to protect the raw wood by applying a stain or paint depending on how you want the floor to look when you are done.

If you want the floor to retain its natural oak look, skip the stain and simply apply two coats of clear polyurethane with a mop, allowing the floor to dry completely between coats.