Refinishing Your Patio Bar Set Refinishing Your Patio Bar Set

What You'll Need
A wire brush
A bucket
A garden hose
Cleaning cloths
Old sheets
Rust remover
Paint stripper
Paint brushes
Liquid detergent
A scrub brush
Protective eyewear
Work gloves

An older or damaged patio bar set can be refinished, rather than replaced. Whether it is constructed from metal or wood, you can update the finish, in order to make the furniture look almost brand new.  Before you make any changes, consider your color options.  If you use a new color, be sure it works well with the rest of your outdoor decor. 

Step 1 – Safety

Be careful using rust removers, paint strippers and other harsh chemicals. Put on your protective eyewear and work gloves before you begin working with these materials.

Step 2 – Preparing Your Garden Set

Remove any parts that could become damaged during the refinishing process, such as cushions and rubber footings.

Step 3 – Cleaning Your Garden Set

Fill a bucket with warm water. Add about 3 squirts of liquid detergent to the water. Combine the solution until the water is soapy. Immerse your sponge into the soapy water. Squeeze out any excess water. Use the sponge to clean all parts of the furniture set. For difficult areas, use your wire brush to scrub off any stuck on residue. Use your garden hose to rinse the set. Allow the garden set enough time to dry completely.

Step 4 – Sanding the Set

Use your sandpaper to even out the surface of your furniture. If your furniture is made of wood, work in the same direction as the wood grain. Continue sanding until the surface is smooth.

Step 5 – Removing Rust

Use your rust remover to get any rust spots off of your furniture. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the rust remover before you begin.

Step 6 – Removing Paint

Use your paint stripper to remove any paint from the pieces of your patio set. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the paint stripper before you begin. Be sure you use this product in a well ventilated area.

Step 7 – Priming Your Garden Set

Use a paint brush to apply primer to all of the furniture. Be sure to use a primer that is designed for wood if you have a wood set, and metal if your set is constructed from metal materials. Allow the primer to dry. If necessary, apply a second coat of primer to the set, and allow it to dry completely.

Step 8 – Finishing Your Garden Set

Use another paint brush to apply your paint or stain to the furniture. Allow the finish to dry. Apply a second coat, and allow it to dry completely. Apply a sealer over the paint or stain. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the sealer before you begin. Allow the sealer to dry.

Step 9 – Reassembling Your Set

If necessary, wash the cushions to your patio set. Place the cushions back into position. Position the rubber footings back onto the furniture.

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