Refurbishing a White Bedroom Suite

What You'll Need
Oxygen based cleanser
Chemical stripper
Paint brushes
Clean white cloth
Spray primer
Spray clear coat
Latex Paint

While a white bedroom suite can be beautiful, it requires a lot of additional work to keep it in great condition. It's not uncommon to need to refurbish white furniture after some time. If you have a white bedroom set that you love, you can easily make it look great again with some elbow grease.

Step 1 - Remove Stains

If the furniture simply has some stains, and is in otherwise good condition, a full refurbish won't be necessary. You can use an oxygen based cleaner to remove the stains without damaging the furniture. Do a test first to make sure it won't damage the finish. Apply a small amount of the cleaner to an inconspicuous area, and allow the product to dry. If you see no signs of damage, you can use a lint-free white cloth with a small amount of the cleanser to remove the stain.

Step 2 - Remove Glaze

If you need to completely repaint and refurbish the furniture, you will need to remove any finishing or glaze that is currently on it. Most white furniture will have some type of protective finish on it to prevent dirt from staining. To remove this you will need to use a mild stripper. You can find the chemical stripper at any home improvement retailer. This will require you to remove the furniture to an outdoor location, apply the stripper, and wipe it down while wearing gloves. Once the finish has been removed you can start to refinish it.

Step 3 - Sanding

You may have to sand out areas that are damaged. If you've used the chemical stripper, you will want to lightly sand after the stripper is removed. This will prepare the surface to accept the new paint.

Step 4 - Prime the Furniture

White tends to show more blemishes and flaws than other colors. Before you paint you want to make sure that all uneven spots have been removed. Priming the furniture will also help hide minor blemishes while providing an even finish in case you weren't able to remove all of the old finish. A spray primer is the easiest way to go about priming furniture.

Step 5 - Paint

Use a latex paint and apply the paint in long even strokes. It's important to try to follow the grain of the wood. Going against the grain can create streaks and spots that are hard to take care of later. You will need to allow the paint to dry completely, and a second coat may be necessary.

Step 6 - Finishing

If you want to distress the look, or add a decorative finish such as crackle, you can do so once the paint has dried. Some finishes will require that you add another thin coat of paint to achieve the desired result.

Step 7 - Seal

Once the furniture has been painted, you can apply a spray on clear coat. This will allow you to keep the furniture clean and will seal the paint in place.