Refurbishing a Worn Bookshelf

Some people will want to refurbish a worn bookshelf instead of buying a new one.  The refurbishing can help an older bookshelf breathe new life because it can be molded to the home's décor. For some, a flea market,  antique store or garage sale find must be refurbished to fit it into their home.  Refurbishing a worn bookshelf can be done in multiple ways and every refurbishment technique can completely change the look and feel of the bookshelf.

Sand It Down
When refurbishing, the first step is to sand.  Start with the first small layer of the shelf and go slow.  The sanding process will prepare your shelf for all other processes so you should try to do a good job.   Generally, the worn parts of the paint and wood can be sandpapered off after a few strokes. After you have sanded down the bookshelf, be sure to wipe it clean. Use a damp cloth to remove any debris from the wood itself. Again, you should clean thoroughly to allow the next phase, painting, to be properly adhered to the shelf itself.

New Paint
New paint and new stain is they key to completely change the look of an old bookshelf.  The sanding process allows you the base to either stain or paint the wood.  Staining will give you the look of natural wood, and will allow you to match other pieces of wood in the room. Painting the shelf will allow you to better match the colors in the room. A simple coat of paint can help you to bring new life to an old worn bookshelf.  It is completely up to you to decide on the color, or number of coats you want to apply to a bookshelf, the key is to customize the look to your needs.

Add New Pieces

Sometimes, you have an old worn bookshelf, but want to leave the look alone.  Maybe adding new hardware is all you need to change the design?  New braces can help freshen up an old bookshelf. Adding an extra brace will change the design of the bookshelf. Also, the addition of new objects to the bookshelf can help bring a new design element. Simply adding something new to a bookshelf will be able to give it a new feel. Refurbishing does not have to be expensive and complicated. Add something you already own to change the look of a worn bookshelf.