Refurbishing Brass Door Handles to a Fine Shine

What You'll Need
Masking tape
Philips screwdriver
Rubber gloves
Brass cleaner
Soft Cloth
Clear lacquer finish

Usually, when brass door handles are refurbished all of the brass hardware is included in the cleaning process. It should be refurbished periodically.

Step 1 Place Masking Tape

Put masking tape around door hinges on both sides.


Step 2 Take Off Other Hardware

Take the knob off by unscrewing two screws and glide doorknob away from housing.


Step 3 Use Rubber Gloves

Put rubber gloves on to protect hands from chemicals.

Step 4 – Judging the Tarnish

Scrutinize the extent of the tarnish. Remove excessive tarnish with undiluted ammonia by soaking the brass door handle for an hour. If the tarnish isn’t excessive skip step 4.


Step 5 – Clean With Brass Cleaner

Put small amount of brass cleaner on cloth. Rub the brass door handle with several applications. Also clean hinges with brass cleaner.


Step 6 – Apply Lacquer Spray

Spray the door handle with clear lacquer. This coating protects the doorknob. This lessens the frequency of cleaning.

Step 7 – Put Door Handle On

Screw door handle back on. Take tape away from the edge of the hinges.