Refurbishing Marble Tile

With proper care marble tile can last a lifetime, if not longer. However, normal wear and tear will make your marble tile look dingy and dirty. If this has happened, you don’t have to replace the tile; simply refurbish it to renew it’s beauty. Here’s how to do it:

Tile Kits

Most hardware supply stores will carry kits designed specifically for refurbishing marble. These kits will contain a poultice that can be scrubbed in to the tile to remove any muck, and a sealer to apply after you’ve cleaned them to protect them from further grungy build up. These kits don’t cost a lot and, depending on the size of the tile you are refurbishing, can generally be done in a day.

Professional Marble Restoration

If you have a large area that needs restoration and the kits didn’t work for you, you can try to find a professional who specializes in marble restoration. This is a costly and labor intensive process.


If the marble isn’t terribly bad, you can probably just use a light cleaning agent made specifically for marble such as tin dioxide. You can use this with a floor polisher to help clean and shine a marble floor. This will also help to restore the original luster of marble that can be lost over time.