Regular Pools vs. Negative Edge Pools

Negative edge pools, also popularly known as infinity pools, are the ones that do not have four visible edges. They blend in with the surrounding landscape. They are usually built on hill tops and valleys to add to the scenic beauty of the area. On the other hand, regular pools have visible ends around them. They are the most common type of pools. Both negative edge and regular pools have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Cost of Pools

You can get a regular pool installed from around $17,000. The price also depends on the type of material used for the pool: vinyl or concrete. Pools lined with concrete are more expensive compared to those with vinyl lining. The cost of a negative edge pool starts from $30,000. A negative edge pool also needs a smaller catch basin pool and a system that allows water flow from the catch basin pool to the main pool. This system alone requires around $10,000 to $20,000. Again, it depends on so many other factors, like type of lining used: vinyl, concrete or fibreglass. It also depends on the depth of your pool. Deeper pools are more expensive. Another factor that affects the price is pool accessories, like water falls, diving board, type of fencing and pool covers.

Installation of Pools

Regular pools are easier to install compared to a negative edge pool. You can install a regular pool yourself. You can do almost all the work including digging and installation of pool accessories on your own. But you may have to hire a licensed electrician to do the electrical works. On the other hand, a negative edge pool needs professional pool designers for its installation. This is due to the complex design of the pool with the added catch basin. The overall design of the pool makes the installation difficult for a do it yourselfer.

Availability of Materials

All pool materials necessary for installing a regular pool are easily available from your local pool shop or home improvement store. You can hire diggers or you can dig the ground yourself before installing your pool. Also, you don’t have to be a professional to install the pool. You can also do the pool landscaping by yourself, which includes tiling, paving and fencing. The design and construction of a negative edge pool requires professional expertise. As these pools are constructed on a mountain top or valley or beach front, the architectural design of the pool is very important. If you want such a pool in your backyard, you should be ready to spend extra money on it. As negative edge pools are made to accentuate the surrounding landscape, you will also need an expert to do the landscape designing for you.


Maintenance of regular pools is much easier when compared to negative edge pools. Both types of pools need proper care and maintenance. The difference is in the cost and effort required for the maintenance. A regular pool will only need fortnightly testing of water in the pool, cleaning the pool walls and floor and cleaning the filter. There are many pool cleaning services available at a reasonable cost. A negative edge pool needs maintenance more often, as the pool water easily gets contaminated. Also, the cost of running of infinity pools is high.