Regular vs LED Tail Lights

closeup of a red tail light

If your vehicle is running on traditional factory lights, it will be best to convert to LED tail lights (light-emitting diodes). LED lights are helpful when you are driving or traveling during the night time. This type of light is not limited to tail lights. Manufacturers have also started providing LED daytime running lights for when you drive during the morning or afternoon. Read on to learn the benefits of using LED tail lights over regular tail lights.

Safety Purposes

LED tail lights give off much brighter light compared to traditional OEM factory lights. LED tail lights provide two to three times more brightness than standard lights. The light that LED tail lights provides is able to illuminate your surrounding environment much better than regular types of light. If you are traveling in front of another car, it will not have a hard time locating you on the road because of LED tail lights. This is the reason that most emergency vehicles make use of LED tail lights. LED tail lights will also provide protection for much smaller vehicles such as motorcycles when they travel at night. LED tail lights also light up much faster than traditional factory lights. They light up in a matter of a few billionths of a second when you turn them on.


LED tail lights are more durable than regular lighting. This benefit is very helpful for those who travel at night since lights are prone to breaking. This can be a safety hazard for those who drive smaller vehicles like small cars or motorcycles. Street conditions can contribute to the breaking of tail lights. If the roads you are traveling on are rough, this can cause the filaments to break. LED tail lights do not accumulate as much heat as traditional factory lights. Because of this, other parts made of plastic or electronics will last much longer as well.

Lower Power Requirements

LED tail lights require lower power than that of regular lighting. This will help save on your battery’s power. This will enable you to use the car’s energy and electricity for other purposes such as the car’s DVD player, sound systems, and other car accessories that require much power.


Regular lighting contributes very little to the enhancement of your car’s appearance. LED tail lights on the other hand are able to lend a distinct decorative style to your car. LED tail lights come in numerous designs perfect for most car models.

Cost Effectiveness

LED tail lights last much longer than regular lighting. They have a lifespan of ten years or more if taken care of. This is because they are composed of many tiny LEDs rather than a single light source. This will allow you to save up on money that you would have used replacing or repairing the lights. LED lights are also low maintenance since they are durable, so you will save by not having to repair them.