Regulating Water Pressure

A shower.

Water pressure is sometimes out of the hands of the homeowner. Depending on the type of pipes you have, where you get your water from, and the utilities in your home, you could either have low water pressure, or even lower water pressure.

Water pressure can be regulated in a few ways, but if you are on municipal water, then you will want to be very careful playing around with your pressure. Rural areas that rely on well water can be a little more free with their pressure, but are limited by the initial water pressure coming from the ground.

Check with Water Company

Begin by checking with your water company to see how much pressure they are sending into your home. Most of the time this pressure is between 175 and 250 pounds. This type of pressure can not be handled by appliances in the home and would injure anyone trying to shower in it. A standard home pressure should be set between 50 and 70 pounds.

Increase Pressure at Main Pipe

Most utility companies will place a regulator on the main pipe coming into your home with a water pressure reducing valve. You can regulate this by using a simple gage you can purchase at your local home center. Hook to your drain for the hot water heater and you can monitor and change the pressure.


Water pressure, it too high, can hurt and severely injure someone, especially a small child. High water pressure can also burst pipes and cause other damage.