Reinforce Your Deck Stair Railings

Deck stair railings must be beautiful to add to your deck or patio. There are many kinds of stairs you can choose from and many types of wood you can build them of. However, the most important factors related to your deck stair railings are strength and safety. You need to reinforce them so that no damage is caused during and after its usage. Sometimes we forget that deck stairs can grow weak after usage. This can lead to problems. In order to keep you safe and to keep your house looking beautiful like it is, you need to remember a few important steps regarding deck stair railings. Remember that style needs to meet safety when it comes to deck stair railings. Maintenance is dependent upon the construction materials you use. Remember that your deck railings are made up of different elements like posts, balusters and handrails. Wood, metal, vinyl and composite are used for your railings. The kind of railings vary from style to design like modern, colonial and even artsy designs for people who fancy them.


Remember that in order to reinforce your deck railings, you have to keep in mind the composites and the coated metal that are best choices for railings. This reinforces their stability and endurance to remain intact and usable for longer durations. The best choices of wood for reinforcing your railings are red cedar, redwood or mahogany that holds up for years to come. Weather conditions also affect your railings. Make sure that rain or snow or even big storms don’t weaken the base of your railings. Safety standards should be kept in mind for reinforcing your railings. The railing has to be sturdy enough to support an adult standing on it or leaning against its body. The height of the railing should kept from 32 to 50 inches. Remember that the space between the balusters should be no more than 3.7 inches.


To reinforce your railings, you need to meet other guidelines as well. In this case, your railings require bi-monthly check-ups. Make sure they are not creaking or bending downward if pressure is applied on them. You can use a screwdriver and screw the bolts into the bases of the stairs so that the railings are tightly kept inside. Reinforcing also involves making sure that termites have not eaten away the base of your railings. Insecticides are useful to use in moderation. Do not use corrosive material on your railings. This leads to problems. If the railing is creaking, simply tighten the nails inside or replace the posts with new wood. It is always best to keep your railings painted with weather-resistant glaze or paint. It not only looks stylish but comes off as very functional. If the problems persist, call over a mechanic to see what’s wrong with your railings. Sometimes the removal and replacement of an entire set of railings helps to be effective for the reinforcement of your deck stairs. This will certainly help you with fixing your railings.