Reinforcing The Roof Framing in Your House

Even though your roof was professionally installed by someone who knows a lot about roof framing, there is always a risk that it may contain weak points that one day could allow the roof to cave in and destroy your household. However, you can easily reinforce the roof framing yourself to help prevent any problems from occurring.

Support the Frame

When you are looking at your roof framing, you will notice that there are “A” frames in place. The first step to reinforcing the roof is to add an “X” to the frame. Simply take 2 diagonal pieces and place them between the trusses.  If you don't have an A frame roof, you can run parallel boards between the studs to further offer support and to strengthen the frame.

The Domino Effect

This is going to help prevent a “domino effect.” By doing this, it will help prevent the trusses from being pushed together by the weather.  The domino effect is what happens when one beam snaps and then collapses into the next one, which then collapses into the next one.