Remedies for an Uneven Raised Access Floor Remedies for an Uneven Raised Access Floor

A raised access floor is extremely useful because it allows you to create extra space in your room which can be used to install all sorts of extra equipment. Raised access floors are things that you only ever used to see at work, however now they are cool to have at home too. They are very practical and make routing cables very easy.

Raised access floors are a special type of floor where a frame is used to increase the height of the floor. This creates an additional space which can be used for all sorts of things. As each of the floor panels can be removed it's possible to maintain systems that you keep down there easier.

Bowed Floor

When a raised access floor is first installed it will be brilliant. Being able to install a surround sound system without having to carefully hide the wires will be wonderful. However, over time things can change. It's actually very easy for the floor to become uneven for a number of reasons. This could be because one of the supports has broken, or because one of the legs has snapped off.

How is a Raised Floor Made

To learn how to fix problems with an uneven raised access floor you must first find out about the basics of how a raised access floor is made. Basically these floors are made up of individual frames which are then put onto your floor and fixed together using bolts. These individual frames each carry a separate floor panel and are supported by a series of legs.

What Causes a Floor to Bow

The answer you're looking for is probably more substantial than gravity, but that is the problem. Gravity is always fighting against the legs trying to hold the floor up, and your weight probably isn't helping either. Over time the legs may buckle or just get bent. If using substandard materials, then this can cause the supports to corrode which will make them weaker than they normally are.

If one of the legs on the floor is broken or damaged slightly then this will cause the floor to be uneven. This is why you need to find a way of repairing the damage.

Another possible cause is if the thread has worn down inside the leg where the adjustable feet are. This can cause the feet to slip down and cause the floor to stop being level.

Dealing with Bowing Floors

When you notice a bowing raised access floor you will need to find a way of dealing with it. The method of fixing the problem will depend mainly upon the cause of the problem in the first place. If the problem is caused by a damaged support leg then replacing the frame will be sufficient. Other times you might also need to replace the adjustable feet, or even the flooring tiles themselves. Over time the metal floor panels can become bent which would also create an uneven floor.

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