Remodeling Kids Bunk Beds

What You'll Need
Screw Driver/Drill
Pre-made desk or bookshelf

Bunk beds for kids are popular, space-saving and relatively easy to remodel to maximize space or to match a new bedroom décor.

Painting or Re-Painting Bunk Beds

Bunk beds come in two main materials: wood and metal.

To paint wood bunk beds, you will need sandpaper, paint, brushes and rags.

  1. The bed will either have a clear coat or another paint color on it. Sand it off so the new paint will stick to the surface of the wood and not peel off after it is dry.
  2. Clean the surface area thoroughly.
  3. Paint the wood going in the direction of the grain. This will ensure proper coating.

To paint metal bunk beds, you will need sandpaper, primer, spray paint, clear coat spray and rags.

  1. When you sand metal, use circular motions. This will help break down the coating. Continue to sand until you have a smooth surface that is cloudy in appearance.
  2. Clean thoroughly, making sure there is no residue on the metal after sanding.
  3. Spray on or paint primer, which should stick well to sanded metal.
  4. The best way to paint a metal bed is to use spray paint. This will allow for an even coat without any streaks. 
  5. Once the paint has dried, spray a clear coat to seal the paint. This will prevent chipping.

Adding a Bookcase or a Desk to A Wooden Bunk Bed

Update your bunk beds by adding a functional and mature-looking desk or bookshelf to the outside or even underneath the lofted top bunk, in place of the lower bed. You can either build a bookcase or desk yourself or purchase one and attach it.

Figure out the placement of the bookcase or desk and mark it on all sides with a pen. If the area is not flush, you will need to add wood to make it even and a flat surface.

Attach the object with screws. Make sure to stay within the lines as you put each screw in. Secure the object on all corners and in the middle. Two more screws along either side of the middle would provide extra support.

Let the kids have fun helping to design and execute the remodeling of their bunk beds.