Remove a Fastened Tub Faucet Handle

Over time your tub faucet handle can get hard to turn, begin to leak, get stuck, or even break causing serious damage to walls and even floors. This usually happens when the washers become stiff and corroded from use, or the handles become clogged with mineral deposits from within the water. If this happens you will need to remove the tub faucet handles and replace them.

Shut Off Water

Before you begin any work on your tub, or shower, make sure you turn off the water either from the read of the tub or at the main shut off valve.

Gather Your Tools
Most faucet handles can be taken off with an open end wrench or plumbers wrench. If your tub faucet handle has a polished finish then you might want to use a strap wrench so you don't scratch or mar the finish.

Remove Handle
Use the wrench to remove the handle. Over time, and with steady usage, the handle might have gotten stuck, or even welded, to the pipe. It is important that you don't force it with a lot of pressure, but rather tap it to try and loosen it. If this doesn't work then you can try it with a special faucet puller.