How to Remove a Hot Tub

A blue hot top with the cover removed.
What You'll Need
Reciprocating Saw
Safety Goggles
Safety Mask
Work Gloves
Protective Clothing
Hot Tub Instructions

If you do not plan on giving away, reselling, or are not simply moving your hot tub, the best way to go about removing a one is simply to take a Sawzall to it. It is safe to say, however, that the process is a little more complicated in nature than simply sawing the spa into bite-sized pieces. Here is a guide to removing a hot tub that you are no longer interested in.

Step 1 - Reread Instruction Manual

Re-read the manufacturer's instructions for the hot tub to remind yourself of all of the aspects of the spa's original construction. You need to have a decent idea of what electrical elements are involved, how the heater is hooked up, how the gas lines work, and so on. Immersing yourself in these details will make sure that you are safe and protected when you are disassembling your spa for removal from your property.

Step 2 - Unplug Electrical Wiring

Now you are going to want to unplug all of the electrical hook-ups including the gas line, electricity, and the heater. Make sure that all of this electrical equipment is properly removed. When you are done, you should only be dealing with the wooden frame of the spa and the actual spa bed, which is likely going to be made from fiberglass, plexiglass, or some other type of molded plastic.

Removing all of the electrical cords and wiring is vitally important, otherwise, you could shock yourself by accidentally cutting into one of these lines with your saw.

Step 3 - Disassemble Spa Skirt

If there are any parts of your hot tub that are connected via screw or nail, you can remove these manually through the use of a screwdriver or hammer. Some Jacuzzi and spa tubs are built with their skirts comprised of wooden slats that are connected via tongue and groove. If this is the case, then you can disassemble the hot tub's skirt relatively easily without having to saw the individual pieces apart.

Step 4 - Disassemble Tub

The most difficult part of the removal process for your Jacuzzi or spa is going to be breaking up the actual hot tub, which is likely one single piece made from plastic or another durable material. The fastest way to deal with this is to don safety gear and simply attack it with a jigsaw or reciprocating saw. The process is relatively messy, as dust will be produced as a result of the sawing. Break the hot tub into pieces that can easily be carried out of the yard and deposited into a dumpster.

Make sure that you wear the proper safety gear at all times when cutting up the hot tub material. This should include heavy work gloves, sturdy clothing, and safety goggles. You may also want to wear a safety mask.

Removing your unwanted hot tub may have seemed like a daunting task. However, you can see that it only took four simple steps!