Remove a Sprinkler System Control Box from Your House Remove a Sprinkler System Control Box from Your House

What You'll Need
Socket wrench
Wire nuts
Metal cap

The sprinkler system control box is the device which lets you set the time and the duration of your sprinkler system. These boxes are predominately placed on the outside of your home in an area where you can easily reach it, but it is out of the way of maintenance and weather. It is connected to the sprinkler system by wires that are also connected to the main power of the home. If there is a problem with the sprinkler control box, or you simply want to remove the sprinkler system, you can do so easily without any specialized equipment. 

Step 1 - Turn Power Off

Shut the main power off to the system. You should be able to tell from the breaker box which one of the breakers runs the power to the system. If not, then shut off the entire power to ensure that there will be no accidents.

Step 2 - Turn Water Off

After the power has been turned off you can take other precautions and shut the water valve off to the faucet that the sprinkler system is connected to. 

Step 3 - Remove Sprinkler System Control Box

Open the control box cover and locate the mounting bolts. Use the right sized socket in your ratchet and remove the bolts from the mounting area. Keep the control box in position until you remove all of the bolts. Do not let it hang from the wires, as it could rip them out and damage them. This will make it harder to install a new one if you desire to do so.

Step 4 - Disconnect Wires

The wires will be housed in the back of the sprinkler system control box. Open the rear panel and locate the mounting screws that hold the wires in place. Unscrew the mounting screws and remove the wires from the control panel. They will be threaded out the back or simply fall away from the device. 

Step 5 - Remove Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket for the sprinkler system control box will be attached with the use of lag bolts or anchors. Remove the bolt that are holding it onto the side of the home with a socket wrench. Fill in the holes with some cement patch if in masonry, or wood putty if they are in wooden siding. 

Step 6 - Cap Wires

Since you will need to turn the power back onto your home you will need to cap the wires so they do not short out or cause a fire. Use plastic wire nuts and cap each one individually. Place them back into their housing or thread through the conduit that they are in.

Step 7 - Cap Metal Conduit

To finish off the process of removing the sprinkler system control box from you home you will need to cap off the metal conduit, if one is used. This only entails the use of a metal cap that can be threaded onto the surface or glued on with some construction adhesive. The point is to make it waterproof so the wires are not damaged in case you want to use a sprinkler system again.

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