Remove Hair from a Clogged Drain

a clump of hair near a drain getting poked with a cleaning device

Hair clogged in a drain is a problem faced by many. Most often the hair gets clogged and forms a mesh, thereby preventing water drainage. Sometimes the clog is very deep and it might require expert help to get rid of the problem. Unfortunately, most of us tend to overlook the problem until the last moment when the problem becomes unbearable. There are definitely some precautionary measures that can be followed to avoid this problem. However here we shall discuss the various means by which hair can be removed from clogged drains.

Use of Plunger

A plunger is a long pipe like device with a cup fitted on the top of the mouth. In order to use this device create the suction effect by placing the plunger on the mouth of the drain, and bounce it a few time without displacing it from its current position. While bouncing the plunger you are likely to hear a kind of sloshing sound of the water, which is an indicator that sufficient suction has been created. Now as you yank the plunger vigorously up and down, you are likely to hear the sound of water clearly draining through the pipe.

Use of Metallic Snake

A metallic snake is a flexible and long steel cable that comes with a handle. You need to push the steel cable down the drain pipe carefully. The snake will either push the clog down the drain or remove it. Keep flushing water through the drain as you work your way though the drain with the snake. If the drain gets cleaned you can hear a free flowing sound of water. Alternatively you can also use a new instrument known as Zapp which is a flexible plastic stick with back pointing teeth, used to extract clogs from the drains.

Use of Chemicals

Chemicals should be your last option to clean a clogged drain, because they are not very environment friendly and can cause severe damage to your PVC pipes or erode the metallic surface of your metallic pipes. Chemicals serve the purpose of softening the clog which can then be easily flushed out under high water pressure. In case you are not to accustomed to using plungers and metallic snakes you can opt for a homemade solvent like baking soda or vinegar which can help you achieve the same effect without any hazardous side effects.

However as they always say prevention is better than cure. Make sure you keep your drains free from hair in order to prevent a clog. Using preventive measures like a strainer and pouring hot water and baking soda solution down your drains helps them to function properly, thereby greatly reducing the chances of unwanted disturbances.