Remove Paint from Door Molding without Damaging Other Paint Remove Paint from Door Molding without Damaging Other Paint

What You'll Need
Scrub brush
Putty knife

It is always difficult to try to remove paint from a door molding without damaging other paint. To do this you will have to proceed with caution. There are many different ways to remove paint, the method you choose should depend on the type of fixture the paint is on.

Step 1 - Removing Paint Using the Abrasive Method

To remove limited paint or to remove paint from a surface the method you will use is the abrasive method. To do this, you will either take a scrub brush to scrub any paint off, or you will sand down the area. 

Step 2 - Removing Paint Using the Thermal Method

Another way to remove paint is by the thermal method. To do so you will soften the layers of the paint by applying heat. After applying heat, you will be able to scrap off the paint. Once all the paint is removed, you can sand it down for a smooth, even surface. 

Step 3 - Removing Paint Using Chemical Method

The final method, chemical, is used for overall paint removal. First, paint layers are softened with chemical strippers, and than scrapping and sanding takes place.

Some conditions require very limited paint removal. This includes crazing, intercoat peeling, solvent blistering, wrinkling, and hand sanding. A putty knife can be used throughout the scrapping process. You can loosen and remove paint in a pushing motion. 

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