Remove Paint from Rubber Floor Tiles

What You'll Need
Cream Cleaner
Scrubbing Brush
Lint Free Cloth
Warm Water

Rubber floor tiles offer a level of floor protection for your home. Their waterproof and sturdy construction protects high foot traffic areas and carpets. Rubber floor tiles are still prone to being stained by things like paint.

Step 1 – Turpentine

Dampen the area with some turpentine to thin the paint. If the paint is dried in and oil based, the turpentine will thin the stain so you may use the scrubbing brush and cleaner to remove it later on.

Step 2 – Oil Based Stains

Dab the area with the turpentine and leave it to settle for a few moments. Paint and other oil stains only have a chance of being removed completely if you use a paint thinner and not water.

Step 3 – Scrubbing

Scrub the area with warm soapy water and the scrubbing brush until the stain has all but disappeared. Be cautious not to scrub too hard on the rubber pattern or surface, as you might damage the tiles.

Step 4 – Rinsing

Rinse the tiles with clean, warm water and dab dry with a cloth. Depending on the color of the paint stain you might find some residue. If this happens, just repeat with more turpentine until the stain has gone.