Remove Soap Scum from Your Drain to Prevent Clogs

What You'll Need
Drano (TM) or similar chemical clog reducer
Bell plunger
Wrenches and screwdrivers
Drain snake
New drain stopper
New pipes

In homes with older plumbing, trying to remove soap scum to prevent drain clogs can be a battle. Follow these tips to remove soap scum from the drain.

Step 1: Use a Chemical Clog Reducer

Open the drain stopper fully and clear any standing water with a bell plunger. Pour in chemical clog reducer following the instructions. Wait 2-3 hours, and do not put anything down the drain. Run hot then cold water down the drain for 1 minute each to test if the clog is gone.

Step 2: Remove the Drain Stopper and Use a Drain Snake

Detach the drain stopper and insert the drain snake as far down the pipe as you can. Turn its handle, then extract it and rinse it off into a bucket. Test the drain flow again by first running hot, then cold water for 1 minute total.

Step 3: Replace the Drain Stopper

If the soap scum clog recurs soon after clearing, replace the pull-up drain stopper with a simple rubber drain plug on a stainless steel chain.

Step 4: Check and Replace the Pipes

If your house has metal plumbing pipes, upgrade to PVC pipes.