Remove Soil Pollution from Around a Leaky Oil Tank

What You'll Need
Absorbent material
Metal trashcan and bag
De-greasing solution
Dustpan and brush

Keeping our homes warm during the winter months is very important, but a leaky oil tank can lead to soil pollution. It's very important to learn how to deal with soil pollution so that you can protect the environment and keep it as healthily as possible. Oil is a very common source of heating and is often found in houses that are not connected to the gas supply. It's actually very easy to deal with leaky oil tanks if you do it as early as possible.

Step 1 - Safety First

It's important to remember that oil is flammable—just because it has leaked out of your tank, it certainly doesn't mean that it's safe. Make sure that you keep heat and flames away from the oil because this could ignite. If the spill is in an enclosed area, open the doors and windows to increase the amount of ventilation. Make sure that everyone knows there is oil present to make sure nobody steps in it.

Step 2 - Absorbing the Oil

Pour your oil-absorbing solution over the spilled area of oil. There are a number of different products on the market which can absorb oil, many composed of a strong washing powder.

Step 3 - Removing the Polluted Soil

Now you need to remove the polluted area of soil using either a dustpan and brush or a small metal spade. You will have to throw the contaminated soil away because it can harm animals or plants. Once you have it all, tie up the bag so that the fumes can't escape.

Step 4 - Disposing of Contaminated Soil

It's now important to carefully dispose of the contaminated soil. The best way to do this is to take it to a hazardous waste disposal unit close to your home. Oil should not be disposed of with other waste because this can damage the environment.

Step 5 - Cleaning

Use de-greaser solution to clean up the remainder of the oil spill. Use this solution on any stones or rocks to get rid of the spills completely.

Step 6 - Stopping the Leak

You must stop the leak so that you can stop damaging the environment, this will also save you lots of money because you won't be wasting as much oil. It's better to set the tank on a hard concrete base as this will prevent the oil from being absorbed into the soil. If you have a new tank fitted then there are various regulations which make it much safer and kinder to the environment.