How to Remove Gum from Your Clothes

Someone blows a bubble with gum.

Having chewing gum stuck to your clothes may seem like a disaster. It's sticky and looks gross. You can remove it yourself, though, by following these simple steps.

Step 1 - Harden Gum

Gum can be removed by first hardening the gum with an ice cube.

Step 2 - Scrape

Scrape off all that you can with a dull butter knife, rub the area with a good pre-treat enzyme product, and launder per care label instructions.

Step 3 - Rub

Rubbing the spot gently with a liquid laundry detergent before washing is helpful in removing gum.

Removing Gum from Carpet

In carpeting, the process is much the same. Remove any excess you can with a spoon or dull butter knife and place a baggie of ice on the gum stain to harden. Then, chip away the gum once it is hard, and dissolve any remaining gum with a carpet cleaning solution and blot to remove the gum.

Use ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing detergent to 1 cup of water, and blot the stain to remove any trace. Rinse well, and blot up excess with a clean white cloth.