Removing a Brad Nail Without Damaging the Wood Removing a Brad Nail Without Damaging the Wood

Brad nails can be difficult to try to remove. The nail heads like to bend and break when you pull them out with a hammer. Trying to remove a nail with no head will usually result in damaging the wood it’s in. Here is a simple method for removing the nail and minimizing damage.

Wrap Some Wood
Use an old cloth to wrap around a spare block of wood. Have the block near you as you start to work. Grab the nail with a pair of pliers. This may be hard if the head has been damaged or come off completely, but you should still be able to get a grip on it.

Use the Hammer
Use the back end, or claw end, of the hammer and place it between the pliers and the wood. Use the block of wood as a brace against the handle of the hammer. Pry the nail out. You may need to press down on the block as you remove the nail. This may create a small hole, but it can be filled and sanded later.

This trick may take a few tries to get it to work, but it will lessen the damage that can be inflicted.

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