Removing a Car's Front Terminal Battery

A grey car.
What You'll Need
New terminal battery
Open-end wrench
Socket wrench
Working gloves
Working clothes
Old rags

A front terminal battery is often used in small cars where there is only very limited space between the hood and the battery. Like all types of car batteries, the front terminal battery will need replacement from time to time. Fortunately, the front terminal battery is wired the same way as the top post battery so you can easily remove the terminal battery all by yourself. To help you remove the front terminal battery, here are some easy steps for you.

Step 1 - Wear Proper Clothes

Working with your car can be a bit messy so make sure that you wear the right working clothes before you start tinkering with your car.

Step 2 - Put your Car in a Safe Position

Before you start working on your car batteries, make sure that you park your car properly. Make sure that you turn off the ignition before you touch the terminal battery to avoid accidents.

Step 3 - Detach the Battery Cables

Locate the positive and the negative battery cables then detach the negative cable using your open-end wrench. Set the terminal post on the side then carefully move the cable away from the battery. After disconnecting the negative cable, locate the positive cable then disconnect it too. Make sure that you set all the cables aside before you remove the clamps that are holding the battery down.

Step 4 - Remove the Clamps

Most types of front battery terminals are held in place by clamps located on the battery tray. Usually, the clamps are bolted in place so you need to unscrew the bolts using a wrench to free the battery. If you have an older car, there is a big possibility that the bolts may be corroded and stuck in place. If the bolts are struck in place, apply lubricant on the bolts and let it stand for a few minutes to give the lubricant time to eat away the rust from the bolts. After a few minutes, try twisting the bolts again using your wrench. The bolts should come off nice and easy at this point. If the bolts still won’t budge, tap the head of the bolt gently with the use of a small hammer to help loosen the corrosion and allow the lubricant to penetrate deep into the groves of the bolt.

Step 5 - Remove the Front Terminal Battery

After removing the battery clamps, you may now lift the old terminal battery out from the engine compartment. Set aside the old battery and proceed to install the new one.

Step 6 - Install the New Battery

To install the new front terminal battery, all you need to do is place the new battery in the battery plate inside the engine compartment then replace the battery clamps. Tighten the bolts on the battery clamps with the use of your wrench. Carefully reconnect the positive and negative battery cables to the battery and make sure that all cables are in their proper positions.