Removing a Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

What You'll Need
Circuit tester or multi-meter

If you want to replace a flush mount ceiling fan, you'll need to know how to correctly remove the existing ceiling fan. Removing a flush mount ceiling fan is relatively easy, and can be done in under an hour. Here is a handy on how to properly remove a flush mount ceiling fan.

Step 1 - Turn the Power Off

Make sure the power going to your ceiling fan is off by flipping the circuit breaker switch that provides current to the ceiling fan. Verify the power is off by turning the switch on and off or using the chain that controls the power to the ceiling fan.

Step 2 - Remove the Glass Light Cover

Carefully loosen the three set screws that hold the glass dome cover to the ceiling fan base. Make sure to loosen the screws slowly and be ready to catch the glass dome when it pops out of the retainer ring. If you're not careful, the glass dome will fall and possibly break or shatter.

Step 3 - Remove the Light Bulbs

Remove all the light bulbs from the ceiling fan light assembly and set them aside.

Step 4 - Remove the Ceiling Fan Blades

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the ceiling fan blades to the base of the fan.

Step 5 - Remove the Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Loosen the screws that hold the light kit to the ceiling fan base. Carefully lower the light kit until you can access the wires that connect the light assembly to the ceiling fan.

Step 6 - Disconnect the Light Assembly

Remove the wire nuts from the black and white wires that connect the light kit to the ceiling fan power leads. Avoid touching the bare exposed wire ends before you test them with your circuit tester or multi-meter.

Step 7 - Remove the Fan Motor

Loosen the screws that hold the fan motor to the base amount. Then, rotate the fan motor until the base is unlocked and it can be lowered from the locking mechanism. In most cases, you'll need to loosen or remove four screws to do this.

Step 8 - Disconnect the Fan Motor

Remove the wire nuts that connect the fan motor to fan switch. Usually, you'll need to disconnect a blue wire and a black wire.

Step 9 - Remove the Fan Motor from the Base Mount

Remove the fan motor from the base mount hook.

Step 10 - Remove the Mounting Base

Remove the screws that hold the mounting base for the ceiling fan to the electrical junction box, then gently lower the mounting base until you can reach the wiring assembly.

Step 11 - Disconnect the Ceiling Fan Wiring

Remove the wire nuts from the wires that lead from your circuit breaker box to the ceiling fan. Cap the wires that come from the circuit box with new wire nuts so that they are properly insulated.

Step 12 -- Install the New Ceiling Fan or Cover

Follow the manufacturer instructions for installing a new ceiling fan or cover the junction box with a junction box cover until you're ready to install a new ceiling fan or light fixture.