How to Remove a Pedestal Sink to Lay Bathroom Floor Tiles

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
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What You'll Need
Wrench set

Laying new bathroom floor tiles is quite an ordeal because appliances get in your way. Some people prefer to lay the new tiles around the appliances without removing them because it takes less effort to do so; however, it is recommended that when you lay new tiles, you remove any bathroom fixtures and lay the tiles on a clear surface. While it sounds complicated and tiresome, it is really not such a big deal. It guarantees a much neater result than merely going around the sink.

Step 1 - Unseal the Sink From the Wall

The sink is connected to the wall by a line of caulk, so you will need a knife to cut through it and unseal the sink. Usually, this line keeps going down along the wall and underneath the sink. Take care not to hurt yourself or scratch any surfaces.

Step 2 - Turn-Off the Valves

Once your sink is unsealed, turn off all your water valves. They are generally located at the back of the pedestal, close to the floor. Once the valves are turned-off, remove any residual water by opening the faucet to drain it.

Step 3 - Detach the Drainpipe

Find the place where the drain joins the sink and remove it using a wrench. Then detach the drainpipe at the point where it enters the main floor drain.

Step 4 - Unbolt the Pedestal

Unscrew the bolts connecting the wall and the sink so that you may remove the pedestal. An extra pair of hands would be useful at this stage, since it may be difficult to manage everything on your own.

Step 5 - Remove the Sink

Carefully lift the sink, making sure you do not hit it to avoid any damage. Then set it aside in a safe place. Have someone else help you if the sink is heavy.

Step 6 - Remove the Pedestal

Remove the bolts which secure the pedestal to the floor so that you may detach the pedestal from its place. If you are removing a vanity, you will probably find 2 or more screws that secure it to the studs on the wall behind it. In this case, unscrew them all and proceed to remove the vanity.

Once you are done, you can lay the new tiles without any problem. Merely laying the tiles around the sink definitely sounds simpler, but it also tends to backfire in terms of neatness. In the long run, it is always best to take the seemingly more complicated route when you decide to lay new bathroom tiles. As seen through these steps; however, it is really not such an arduous task to remove your sink before laying new tiles. Following this simple guide will help you get the job done easily in a short time.