Removing a Toilet Clog with Dish Soap Removing a Toilet Clog with Dish Soap

What You'll Need
Heavy-duty plunger
1/4 cup dish soap
2 quarts boiling water

If you have tried everything to eliminate your toilet clog, you should give this method a chance. All you have to do is gather some dish soap, such as Palmolive or Dawn, some boiling water, and a plunger. With these 3 items you should be able to unclog your toilet very quickly. 

Step 1—Add Dish Soap

While your toilet is clogged, pour ¼ cup of dish soap into the toilet. Let the dish soap sit in the toilet for about 15 minutes before moving to the next step.

Step 2—Pour in Boiling Water

Once the soap has been in the toilet at least 15 minutes, pour in the boiling water. You want to pour the water in with a little bit of force, however, you should work with care because the water is very hot. Once the water has been added, you may not have to do anything else. Sometimes the clog clears up right away.

Step 3—Plunge the Toilet

If the toilet didn’t unclog when you added the water, grab your plunger and plunge just a few times. The clog should dissipate and your toilet should work just fine.

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