Removing a Yucca Plant from Your Yard Removing a Yucca Plant from Your Yard

What You'll Need
Stump killer
Hand trowel
Clean topsoil
Gardening pruners
Well-watered Yucca Plant

A yucca plant can be pretty difficult to remove completely from your yard. They have complex root systems and if you are unable to get out all of the root the plant will grow back. In many cases if you dig too much and make a lot of root cuts you are actually causing propagation of the plant and will have a lot of new growth the next growing season. There are steps that you can follow to help ensure that you get all of the roots out.

Step 1 - Prune

Remove the top growth and greenery of the Yucca plant. Take the pruners and cut all of the plants that you are removing to the top of the root. This will make things easier on you and keep from getting eaten up by the rough and sharp edges of the plant.

Step 2 - Well Watered

It is easier to remove roots from the ground when the soils and plant are well watered. The roots will slide out of the soil easier and will have less breakage, giving less chance for re-growth.

Step 3 - Dig

Dig a very wide hole around the Yucca Plant. At least 2 if not 3 times wider than the plant itself. Dig carefully and try not to cut through any roots. Use the shovel and the pick to loosen the surrounding soil. With careful loosening and digging you will be able to get most of the root out when you initially lift the plant out of the ground.

Step 4 - Search

Once you have lifted the main root system from the ground you will need to search for sections of root that have branched off and started forming new extended root systems. Be meticulous in getting rid of the roots. Pull out roots that seem even too small to grow back.

Step 5 - Apply Stump Killer

The Yucca root is very strong. If you want to make sure that it does not come back next year than you will need to kill any roots left in the soil. By using a stump killer instead of a standard plant and weed killer you can help to guarantee no re-growth. There will of course be no growth of other plants in this area as well. However the time that you need to wait to re-plant is shorter than waiting until next growing season to realize that you still have Yucca growing in the exact same spot.

Some people have a hard time getting rid of all of the roots. It is a difficult process and if not completely thorough the plants will come back stronger than ever. You can deprive the plant of sun and water until they succumb on their own or completely cover the root system with plastic and build a raised flowerbed over the top of where the plant was. You can also go as far as removing the whole section of plantings and replace with fresh topsoil. The whole process can take many hours over several days depending on how integrated your plants are into the landscape.

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