Removing Air from a Water Supply Line

Air that is entering or is trapped inside a water supply line may interfere with the uniform pressure and flow of water. When this happens, there are several things to try and consider in order to fix the problem. One of the most common causes of air in a water supply line is a possible leak somewhere in the water supply line pipes. If this causes the problem, then fixing the leak can solve the dilemma easily.

Investigating the Cause of the Problem

In order to solve the problem, you have to find the root of the problem. Turn on the water supply and turn each faucet on as well. Check if there is air inside the pipes by observing the water discharge. If the water causes popping sounds during discharge, this is an indication that air is interfering with the smooth flow of water. Allow the water to run for a few minutes to check if the airflow stops. If it stops, then it is probably just trapped air. However, if the air continues to cause popping sounds, then it may be an indication of a leak.

However, air inside the water supply line may also cause the water to not come out of the faucet. An airlock is the cause of the issue here. This happens when the air trapped inside the water supply line does not allow the water to flow to the faucet. This requires different solutions that will be discussed below.

Repairing Air-related Water Supply Line Problems

Air inside the water pipes can be easily removed by turning the faucet on for a couple minutes. As long as the water flows, the water pressure will lead the air to come out of the faucet eventually. However, this is not always the case. If the air still causes popping sounds when the faucet is turned on, then it is time to check for leaks. Inspect every point on the supply line to check if the joints are secured properly. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten loose joints. If the pipe is broken at some point, repair the damage by sealing the leak or by replacing the pipe itself if sealing is out of the question. Once the leaks are sealed properly, air can no longer enter the supply line and cause trouble.

When air is trapped inside the pipes and is blocking the flow of water, there are several solutions to consider. One such solution is by connecting a blocked faucet to a working faucet using a hose. Insert one end of the hose to the blocked faucet’s spout opening and the other end to the working faucet’s opening. Open both faucets at the same time to allow water pressure to push the air out of the pipes. If this does not work, drain all the water from the water system entirely and open the water supply again, but this time, make sure to open all faucets a little bit in order to allow water to fill in the pipes.