Removing An Old Gazebo

What You'll Need
Claw hammer
Carpenter's flat bar
Reciprocal saw (optional)


There may come a time when the condition of your gazebo is such that the the best thing to do is to remove it and and replace it with something else. Gazebo demolition can be performed by anyone with light to moderate construction experience, and it can usually be accomplished in a single afternoon.

Step 1: Remove Interior Items

Before you can dismantle a gazebo, you need to remove all of the items it contains. Benches,, chairs and tables are the obvious things to be removed, but don't forget smaller accessories such as lantern hooks, hanging plants and the hangers which support them or even a wind chime or weather vane. Remove everything within the gazebo, including decorations.

Step 2: Gazebo Trim Removal

To remove the trim on your wooden gazebo, slip the flat end of the flat bar under the edge of a piece of trim and pry it outward. Since this is a demolition job, each piece of trim can be pulled off once the end has been loosened somewhat. If the trim breaks, move farther along its length, and repeat the process.

Step 3: Take the Roof Off

If you have a metal gazebo roof, it may still be worth trying to salvage. Some gazebo roofs can be removed complete by separating the rafters from the wall caps and columns. If this is not not an option for your gazebo, then take it apart by starting at the highest point and working downward, removing first the tiles or shingles and then the roof decking, leaving only the rafters which can be removed using a hammer and the crowbar. A reciprocal saw is a great way to save time--cutting through the binding nails between joints or reducing large sections and parts that are easier to handle.

Step 4: Tear Down the Walls

Remove the top plate of the walls by either driving the plate upwards with the hammer, or by working around the top of the wall with the crowbar, removing the plate from the top of the wall one stud at a time. With the cap removed, wall studs can often by tipped inward and then lifted straight up. Be careful to avoid any nails that may be left behind in the bottom plate of the wall. Once the studs are removed, pry up the bottom wall plate, and remove it as well.

Step 5: Dismantle the Base

As with the roof, having a reciprocal saw available is the fastest method to disassemble the base. If you don't have an electric saw to use, try a crowbar to loosen the floor sheets, tiles and boards. There are dozens of different flooring types, but removal is similar for all of them. Work with one piece at a time and pull it completely free of the gazebo before moving on to the next. When the flooring has been put aside, the pedestal frame can be easily dismantled with the hammer, driving the floor joists loose from the side of the base.