Removing Black Mold/Mildew from Hard-to-Reach Crevices

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What You'll Need
Hand-held steamer
Old Toothbrush
Long handled-brush
Rubber gloves
Face mask
2 Spray bottles
Warm water

Black mold mildew is the greenish-black substance found in soaked wood, ceiling tiles, wall paneling, cardboard, and even items made of cotton. This black mold is caused by moisture. When you physically touch a spot of black mold, it would smear and feel slimy. This substance can cause serious health problems and was recently linked closely to death of babies due to respiratory bleeding.

This mold is also a cause for illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis. In fact, black mold is the cause of over 100 variations of lung disorders. Thus, it is important to remove all black mold in your homes to ensure the safety of you and your children. Molds may build up in the nooks and crannies around your home. Though these places are hard to reach, it’s possible to treat and remove these black molds with the help of easy to find tools and materials in your home.

Step 1 - Wear Face Mask and Gloves When Working with Black Mold Mildew

Before you begin, make sure you have your face mask and gloves on. These solutions you are about to work with are harmful to your skin, lungs, and eyes. Open the window for proper ventilation.

Step 2 - Prepare the Treatment Solution

Prepare the black mold treatment solution by mixing 1 part vinegar and 1 part water in a clean spray bottle. Spray the location of the black mildew and leave for a few minutes.

Step 3 - Prepare a Bleach Solution

Prepare a bleach solution by pouring one part bleach and one part water in a spray bottle. Use the bleach solution and spray the mildew. Allow the bleach solution to sit on the black mold mildew infected area and leave the room as it works its way through the mold. The fumes will be too strong to handle so ensure you don’t stay in the room.

Step 4 - Check the Fumes

Go back to the area and check if the fumes have diminished. If there’s no more hint of the bleach solution, scrub the mold using the toothbrush. A small toothbrush is perfect for scrubbing hard-to-reach crevices. Long-handled brushes, which are available in home improvement or hardware stores, can also be used.

Step 5 - Wet the Cloth

Wet the cloth with warm water and use the wet cloth to wash away loose mildew. You may use more warm water on the area if needed.

Step 6 - Remove the Mold Mildew

If the toothbrush and cloth are unable to remove all the black mold mildew, you may use a hand-held steamer. Hand-held steamers can kill mold and a long nozzle can access those nooks and crannies that are hard to reach.

Step 7 - Spray the Area

Spray the area with bleach and let it sit again. You may now leave the room. When you go back to the room, the black mildew should be gone. If not, repeat Steps 3 to 7 again. Wash the surface well when you’re done.