Removing Coffee Stains From Couch Cushions

Someone cleaning white couch cushions.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-10
What You'll Need
Liquid detergent (dishwashing detergent)
Baking soda and salt
Club soda
Ginger ale
White towels
Clean piece of cloth
Stain remover
Vinegar or diluted bleach

Coffee stains on couch cushions are considered difficult to remove, however, it is possible to have stain-free cushions without having to go to the dry cleaner. Ideally, you should act as soon as you have spilled the coffee. There are several solutions you can use from liquid detergent to baking soda and salt.

Step 1 - Remove Cushion Covers

Remove the cushion covers as soon as you have spilled the coffee to prevent the liquid from spreading to the rest of the cushion or cause a larger stain. If you don’t have removable cushion covers, skip this step.

Step 2 - Remove Excess Liquid

wiping a couch

Remove the excess liquid using a towel or a clean piece of cloth. It’s important that the towel or cloth used is white, as dyed fabrics may leave color behind and cause additional staining.

Step 3 - Rinse Thoroughly

Put the cushion cover or the entire cushion under cold water and keep it there for at least five minutes. You may notice that part of the stain is gone.

Step 4 - Apply Liquid Detergent or Alternative Cleaning Solutions

Apply bleach-free liquid detergent on the coffee stain. Allow it to settle for up to 10 minutes. Then, insert the cushion cover or cushion under warm water and soak for at least 30 minutes.

Instead of the liquid detergent, you may use other substances, as well, such as club soda or ginger ale.

Baking soda and salt can be used, but in this case, you will have to skip step 3. The powder should be applied on the cushion and left for 30 minutes.

Club soda may be applied on the stain for one minute and then blotted with a towel. Ginger ale may be used in the same manner as club soda.

Step 5 - Rinse Again

spraying a stain on a couch

Rinse with clean water. Avoid rubbing to remove coffee stains, as rubbing may only enlarge the stain or cause additional wear to the couch cushion. Also, rubbing may cause discoloration or a change of color of the area.

If you have applied baking soda and salt, rinsing isn't required but you will have to vacuum the cushion or remove the powder with a clean towel.

Step 6 - Use Stain Remover

If the coffee stain on the couch cushion persists, you should get a commercial stain remover. Apply the solution on the cushion and then wash the cushion cover. If the cover is not removable, you may wash the entire cushion, but if this is filled with feathers, washing may not be a solution.

Instead of the stain remover, you may use diluted vinegar (1-part vinegar, 2 parts water) or diluted bleach (1-part bleach, 10 parts water), which may eliminate traces of coffee stain, but may cause discoloration. You may test the solution on a small area of the stained cushion to see if the discoloration is visible.