Removing Crawl Space Insulation Removing Crawl Space Insulation

What You'll Need
Replacement insulation materials
Plastic trash bags
Eye protection
Mask or other mouth protection
Safety goggles
Long sleeve shirt (should be tucked into pants)
Long pants
Sturdy shoes to protect your feet
Broom or vacuum

Crawl space insulation is an important addition to your home because it insulates the crawl space and helps to save you money in heating and cooling bills. However, after many years of use, the insulation may need to be removed and new insulation put in its place. This isn’t that hard to do. Here are some directions on how to remove crawl space insulation.

Step 1 - Preparation

Get your tools and materials ready for your project and make sure they are within reach while you are working. Make sure to wear protection for your eyes, hands, mouth, and other parts of your body. Goggles, work gloves and long sleeve clothing are best for this purpose. Be sure to tuck in the clothing so no bare body parts stick out. You should also cover your head with an old hat if possible to keep the fiberglass out of your hair. The reason you need to be so careful is that most insulation is made of fiberglass, which is made of tiny glass-like particles that can easily cut you or cause irritation.

Step 2 - Removal of Insulation

Get situated at one end or the other of the crawl space before you begin to remove the crawl space insulation. Slowly begin to tear out the existing insulation. If you do it just right and work slowly, you can manage to get it all out in mostly in one piece, which will save a lot of mess for you to clean up later. You can roll it up if you are careful and this will make it easier to dispose of.

Step 3 - Disposal of the Old Crawl Space Insulation

Fiberglass insulation usually can’t simply be thrown away in your regular trash. Find out if there are rules are in your town about disposal of fiberglass insulation. If there are none, then you can just wrap it up in plastic bags, as this will make it easier to contain. If there are, then dispose of it the way law requires. Rolling it up as you go makes it neater and easier to dispose of.

Step 4 - Clean up any Leftover Insulation

Make sure that all the old insulation is out of the crawl space. Clean up any scraps and be careful not to get the fibers in your fingers, eyes or other body parts. You can use a small broom for this or a vacuum if needed. Keep your eye, hand and face protection in place until you are completely finished with the clean up.

Step 5 - Final Clean Up Procedures

All that is left for your removal of the insulation is to wipe down everything with wet cloths, including any pipes, and cracks, so that any old stains, dirt, or messes are removed before you put in the new crawl space insulation.

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