Removing Damp Membrane Waterproofing

What You'll Need
Utility knife
Pry bar
New membrane
Caulking gun

A damp membrane defeats the entire purpose of having one installed in the first place. It is important to remove the membrane as soon as possible and thankfully, it can be done easily on your own. Here are a few steps that can help to guide you through the process. 

Step 1 – Remove Wall

In order to remove the membrane you will need to first access it. Remove the flooring that is layered above the membrane. Tile for example, can be removed by prying off each section with a pry bar and hammer. Once you have removed the layer, sweep with a broom and use a rag to wipe the area clean. 

Step 2 – Remove Membrane

Now, use the back of the hammer to remove the nails that secure the membrane. The easiest thing to do is begin on one end and then work your way around. Take the membrane up as you are removing the nails.

Step 3 – Clean

Now that the membrane is removed, you can clean up the area. Check for any holes or cracks that may be causing leaks so you can patch them. Make sure that you let the surface dry after cleaning before installing a new membrane.