Removing Latex Adhesive: Dos and Don'ts

Latex adhesivei s a flexible type of construction glue that is very useful when laying down such items as carpet or other flexible materials. It is a very useful item that can be applied to many thing, however, follow the list below for latex adhesive dos and don'ts.


  • Choose the best adhesive for your project. For example, carpet adhesive will be different from paper adhesive.
  • Make sure that both surfaces you are applying the adhesive to are clean and smooth
  • Let the adhesive dry for at least 20 minutes before using or treading on the glued item
  • Use lighter fluid if you wish to remove the glue
  • Use gloves and eye protection when using glue
  • Test the adhesive on certain types of paper or paper products since it causes some paper to discolor


  • Apply a latex adhesive to something that will constantly be in cold temperature. The adhesive will deteriorate in extreme cold.
  • Get too much than you will need. If you don't need much, get a tube of adhesive. If you need a lot, get a can of it.
  • Use a brush to apply the adhesive that you want to use again
  • Apply glue to any type of edible item or utensil used for eating
  • Use latex adhesive if you are not sure how to use it