Removing Locked Interior Door Knobs

silver interior doorknob touched by the tips of two screwdrivers

Removing locked interior door knobs is as easy as removing regular door knobs in working condition. The only time when you may need to call for a locksmith is if the mechanism is completely broken and there is a risk of damaging the door while prying it open. You will need a narrow blade screwdriver and a regular screwdriver as well.

Step 1 - Interior Door Knobs with a Dent

For interior door knobs that have a dent, push the dent with the narrow screwdriver while tugging at the interior door knob.

Step 2 - Remove Screws

Remove the screws that hold the trim and then remove the trim ring. In some cases where there are no screws, you will need to pry off the trim of the interior door knob using a thin screwdriver.

Step 3 - Separate Door Knob

Pull off interior door knob and then look for two long screws that hold the knobs. Once these screws are removed pushing the other side of the interior door knobs should be easy.

Step 4 - Remove Locking Mechanism

However, the locking mechanism and the cylinder of the interior door knob still has to be removed. Next, the screws holding the cylinder need to be removed. This will allow you to remove the locking mechanism as well.