Removing Melted Sugar From a Glass Cooktop

What You'll Need
Razor scraper
Wet towel
Cooktop cleaner
Scratchless cleaning pad
Oven mitts
Soft washcloth

Melted sugar on a glass cooktop can be a challenge to clean when not taken care of promptly. When making desserts, sugar can boil over on to the cooktop and can lodge itself on the cooktop surface and harden quickly. Once hard, it will be very difficult to remove without etching the surface of the glass. You can, however, restore your cooktop to its original condition by following the cleaning tips below.

Step 1 – Wipe the Spill

If any high sugar food or liquid spills on to the cooktop surface while cooking, immediately turn off that cooking element. Wear your oven mitts to protect your skin from burns. Grab a soft wash cloth and wipe off the spill immediately while the cooktop is still hot. If you wait for the cooktop to cool, the sugar will have hardened and will present a difficult challenge.

Step 2 – Use the Razor Scraper to Remove Residue

Once the cooktop has cooled down, apply a small amount of high quality cooktop cleaner such as Cerama Bryte onto the affected area. You will most probably have received a razor scraper from your cooktop manufacturer. The razor scraper is a useful tool for getting rid of crusty residues on the cooktop surface. If the razor is old or blunt, replace it with a new, sharp one. Using an old razor can damage the glass surface.

If you are apprehensive about using such a sharp object on the cooktop, you can practice a few times on some other surface. Hold the razor scraper at a small angle of about 30º on the cooktop surface. Using a small amount of force, scrape off the residue from the surface. If needed, let the residue soften for some time by adding some more cooktop cleaning crème on it, covering with a wet washcloth, and letting it sit for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, it should be easier to scrape out.

Step 3 – Remove the Remaining Residue

If required, after using the razor scraper, apply some cooktop cleaning crème on the surface and rub it gently with a recommended “scratchless” cleaning pad that is safe for use on the glass cooktop. Generally, scouring pads that are used on non-stick cookware should be OK, but it is a good idea to first consult the user manual for your cooktop. Make sure the scouring pad is not dirty, and soften it with water before use. A dirty pad or a dry one can be too rough on the glass surface, resulting in scratches. After scrubbing gently with the scratchless pad, wipe the area with a soft washcloth and the cooktop cleaning crème. Remove the residue completely before the next use, or it could result in permanent damage to the cooktop. Always clean the cooktop with the recommended cleaning crème, before and after every use.