Removing Mildew from Brick: Mistakes to Avoid

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It is very important to remove mildew from brick to keep it looking good. Mildew, caused by mold, can also cause serious health issues. You will want to take caution when removing the mildew. Here are a few mistakes to avoid to be sure you are safely removing it.

1. Protect Skin and Eyes

You will need to use a strong chemical cleaner or bleach to kill the mildew. Be sure you are properly protected by wearing rubber gloves and safety goggles to protect from splatter. Where brick cannot be moved to clean, you will most likely be at an odd angle. Keep in mind that your clothes may get splashed too, so you may want to wear old clothes and shoes.

2. Protect Your Lungs

You'll definitely need to wear a ventilator mask when removing mildew from the brick. As you scrub the brick, mold spores will fly into the air and get into your lungs. This can cause illnesses from allergies to respiratory problems.

3. Wet the Brick First

Be sure to wet the brick with a spray bottle or hose before you add any cleaner to the brick. If you apply the cleaner before you have soaked it with water, it will cause your brick to permanently fade.