Removing Moles From Your Garden

The devastation that lawn moles can cause is well documented and there are many fictional remedies to the problem that simply won’t work.

Planting windmills, stamping down earthed soil or adding garlic cloves to the tunnel are all amusing but ineffective methods of combating moles.  There are only 3 guaranteed ways to remove garden moles. Mole traps and poison are both effective but are incredibly inhumane methods of solving the problem.

Solar Mole Repellant

The preferred option is a solar mole repellent. These low-maintenance gadgets draw their charge from the sun so once they have been planted there is no further need to interfere with them. You simply drive the stake-like device into the ground and leave it unattended.

Solar mole repellents work by sending high-pitched sounds and vibrations through the ground. Garden moles find these noises and movements frightening and inevitably mistake them for the presence of an intruder in the tunnel network.

Instinctively, lawn moles will use their natural instinct to run away from the vibrations and as long as the solar mole repellent continues to work, moles will continue to believe the intruder is still in their former home. Eventually, moles will set up a new home in a different area at which point the device can be removed.

Because the vibrations and sounds only affect rodents, there is no danger to pets or other beneficial wildlife in your garden.