Removing Paint Stains from an Acrylic Sink

brushed nickel faucet on white sink
What You'll Need
Plastic putty knife
Spray lubrication
Dish detergent
Scouring sponge
Paint solvent
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton balls
Clean spray bottle

An acrylic sink is the low cost alternative to stainless steel as well as granite and some other materials. The acrylic sink is easy to clean and maintain, but unlike the other materials paint has a habit of staining them. If you fail to wipe away spilled paint right away it can adhere to the acrylic sink which will leave an unsightly paint stain. Since an acrylic sink is so easy to clean the paint can be removed and the following article will show you how.

Step 1 - Determine the Paint Type

The kind of paint in the acrylic sink can determine how you go about removing it. The main thing to know is if the paint is latex based. For this you will need rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. Pour a small amount on the cotton ball and tab the paint. Wait one to two minutes then wipe the area with a rag. If the paint comes off then you are dealing with latex-based paint and not an oil based one.

Step 2 - Initial Soak

In order to effectively remove paint from any surface you have to break down the bond that it has with the surface. In the case of oil-based paints you can remove them by soaking the paint with a spray lubricant. For a latex-based paint you will want to use rubbing alcohol. Saturate the paint with the proper remover. For oil based paints spray the lubricant directly on the paint in a thick layer. For latex-based paint it is easier to pour rubbing alcohol in to a spray bottle and lightly douse the paint.

Step 3 - Remove the Paint

Let the lubricant or alcohol soak on the paint for around 15 minutes, but if the paint has been in the acrylic sink for a long time you may want to let it work longer. If the paint is thick then you will also want the cleaners to work longer so it can better penetrate the paint. Use the plastic putty knife and begin scraping away the paint. If the paint is thick you will most likely be removing the paint in layers. If this is the case then apply more lubricant or alcohol and continue scraping until the paint is removed. If the paint is flush to the acrylic sink the scraping may not work. In this case use a scouring sponge to remove it.

Step 4 - Clean Up

After the paint has been removed from the acrylic sink you will want to remove the alcohol, oils from the paint and lubrication film that will be left in the sink. Apply a small amount of dish detergent to a scouring sponge and then scrub down the entire acrylic sink. Once the sink is covered with the detergent you can then turn on the hot water. Use the sponge to begin washing out the acrylic sink.