Removing Pet Stains From Hardwood Floors

When considering the purchase of a new pet it is important to first learn how to remove pet stains from hardwood floors.  When considering the removal of pet stains from a hardwood floor it is first important to determine the type of stain.

Recognizing and Removing the Stain

No matter what pet you choose a stain's consistency will tell you the best way to remove the pet stain on a hardwood floor. There are generally two types of stains, ones that result from urine, and another that results from pet feces. As far as hardwood floors are concerned urine on a hardwood floor is a much more complicated problem. It has the ability to seep into the core of your wood. If you catch it early youcan lap it up with paper towels, if it is a cat you may want to use the cat's litter to soak up the mess. If the urine causes a stain (if it sits for some time) something that will help is hydrogen peroxide and a rag.

You must soak the stain consistently, depending on the stain one soak may not be enough. Persistence is key in the removalof pet stains of any form. For the removal of fecal matter from a hardwood floor one may find several new tools at your local pet store that are helpful. But if you don't want that process simply invert a plastic bag and throw the mess in a garage or outdoor garbage can. Under the fecal remnants will normally be some wetness that you'll need to remove immediately in order to avoid staining. Largely the same techniques for the removal of urine are affective here. The odor associated with feces is stronger and has a tendency to linger if not removed in a timely fashion. The "OUT!" product is a good counter to the odor. Also, lighting candles is never a bad thing to restore sanctity in your home.

Specialty Flooring

If you are worried about the bleaching qualities of peroxide there is a special treatment called Oxalic Acid Mixture which is great for lifting deep stains. Of course, it is more expensive and less readily available than peroxide, but, especially if you have an Oak floor this is really your best option. Use the same process as above, wet a rag with the mixture, make it damp, and place it directly over the stain, you may want to use something to weigh the rag down to insure it stays atop the stain. This added pressure will help dissolve and absorb the mess. Ultimately the removal of pet stains from hardwood floors comes down to being persistent, and discovering the mess quickly so it does not have time to ingrain itself in the wood. If you follow this idea, and incorporate the techniques above, your floors will stay shiny and your house will maintain and overall beautiful appearance.