Removing Planter Boxes

Occasionally, planter boxes will be in the way of some new project and will need to be removed. If the removal is only temporary, it will not be necessary to plug the old nail or screw holes, but if the removal is permanent, be sure to seal the holes to prevent decay in the siding of your home.

Prying the Planter Loose

To remove a planter, you will need a flat bar or a screwdriver, depending on how the planter is attached, and a helper to hold the planter as the fasteners are removed. If the planter is attached with screws, slip the flat bar behind the planter and slowly pry it off the wall. Work slowly, and pry the planter out evenly, working from one side to the other. You may need to alternate the bar between the top of the box and beneath it. If the planter is attached using screws, remove them while supporting the planter.

Planters Which Use Hangers

Some planter boxes are attached using slips or hangers. If this is the case, the planter should lift up and away from the wall. Once the planter has been removed, the clips can be taken off by removing the screws or nails that connect them to the house.

Seal the Anchor Holes

For permanent removal, sand the holes left behind in the siding or windowsill to remove splinters and extruding edges. Fill the holes with painters caulk, wiping away excess with a damp sponge. Touch-up the holes with paint as needed.