Removing Plastic Wall Anchors

Plastic wall anchors.
What You'll Need
Utility knife blade
Putty knife
Patching plaster
Paint (same color as your wall)
Sanding paper

Plastic wall anchors are a type of wall anchors available in a number of sizes and designs. The amount of weight a plastic wall anchor can hold depends on several factors, including the size of the anchor, the type of wall and the type of item being hung. Removing these plastic wall anchors can be a nuisance and if you do not know how to properly remove them, you might end up with a big hole on your wall.

Step 1 - Cut the Face of the Plastic Wall Anchor

To remove a plastic wall anchor, you first need to cut off the face or head of the anchor. To do this, insert a utility knife blade between the face of the plastic wall anchor and the wall. Do this carefully to prevent any cuts from the knife. Stick the knife between the wall and the face or head of the plastic wall anchor. Slowly push the blade from left to right until you totally cut off the face of the wall anchor.

Step 2 - Removing the Plastic Wall Anchor

After the face of the plastic wall anchor has been cut, you can now remove the anchor. Insert a screwdriver into the anchor and push the wall anchor into the wall. By doing this, you have now successfully removed the plastic wall anchor from the wall without creating a big hole.

Step 3 - Filling in the Hole

Fill the hole created by the plastic wall anchor with patching plaster, using a small putty knife. Apply the patching plaster onto the hole until smooth. Move the putty knife into several directions to ensure a smooth surface. Once the plaster dries, sand the area lightly and paint it.