Removing Polyurethane Adhesive: 3 Tips

Polyurethane adhesive is a very powerful adhesive that is commonly used in woodworking. If you accidentally get some on a surface that you do not want it on, it might seem like it will never come off. While it might be difficult, there are ways that you can remove it. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you need to remove polyurethane adhesive.

1. Use Acetone

Acetone is a powerful chemical that is typically found in fingernail polish remover. By using acetone, you should be able to help dissolve the glue and soften it up for removal.

2. Use a Scraper

Once you have applied the acetone, let it soak into the glue for a few moments. Once the glue starts to soften up, try scraping it with a plastic scraper. This should get most of it up. If all of it does not come up, you may need to apply more acetone and let it soak longer.

3. Ventilate

When doing this process, you will want to make sure that the area is very well-ventilated. Acetone is a very powerful chemical that lets off some bad fumes. Make sure to open a window and possibly turn on a fan near the area before you get started.