Removing Vinyl Siding: 3 Common Mistakes

Removing vinyl siding can be done quite easily if there is a need to replace it or to repair a portion. A vinyl siding in a small house can be removed in around 2 days, using the correct tools and with a fair amount of knowledge.

Taking Out Vinyl Siding Safely

To remove vinyl siding that is quite old, be careful with the task if you intend to put the material back, as it gets brittle in time and will break easily.

Using the Right Tool

Always use a zip tool to remove the sidings in your house. It has been designed especially for releasing the locks on pieces of siding. You could damage the material if you are going to use something else.

Weather Considerations

Low temperatures cause vinyl to get brittle so it would be best if you could wait for warmer weather before removing it. If you notice that it has bowed, it could just be that the nails that secure it in place are too tight. You just have to remove them and reinstall the vinyl siding. Nail it loosely in place so that it is able to expand and contract with changes in the weather. If you have to change a damaged portion, check around the house for leftover pieces. If there is none, take a sample to your local home depot and get the closest match.