Renovating the Fireplace: Ideas that Inspire Renovating the Fireplace: Ideas that Inspire

Fireplaces are a great way to heat your home, add value, and add creative design. When renovating, fireplace ideas can transform an entire room and the overall decor of your home. When it comes to interior design and restorations, fireplaces have taken center stage

Check Workability

Before restoring a fireplace, make sure it works safely. Clean out all areas of the fireplace and see that the chimney is correctly lined. Check for any evidence of smoke around the walls, and ensure that the flue is working.

Choose Your Design

Fireplaces are often times red brick, and they might not work out well for a more modern design. Contemporary fireplace ideas will lead the restorer to use stone in their fireplace, as flat stones can add a contemporary flavor to any room. Limestone, and even a metal surround, can also be used in your fireplace design.

Mantel Materials

The last piece of your fireplace restoration is the mantel. To create a luxurious look for your mantel, choose materials like granite, exotic hardwood, or even intricately detailed masonry.

Your fireplace ideas are the key to a beautiful restoration.

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