Repair a Bathtub Faucet that Leaks when Shower Is On

What You'll Need
Seat wrench
Screwdriver (Phillips/ flat)
Adjustable wrench

A bathtub faucet is an important part in the bathroom that may necessarily require maintenance from time to time. There are parts that may wear out causing leaks that may need professional assistance in fixing. Knowing the basic operation of this particular fixture and its internal operation is an advantage, and will enable you to make minor repairs and replacements on your own. Given the proper tools and following the guidelines below, you will have the capacity in making minor leak repairs successful. The purpose of faucets is to permit water from pipes to flow out in a manner that is controlled.

Step 1 – Consider Your Action Plan

When you are experiencing bathtub faucet leaks, the first thing that needs to be done is to turn off the water supply connection that leads to your bathtub faucet. You may also want to be systematic in your methods on working with leak repairs. Some of the tools that you will be using will have movable parts. It is important to have the movable parts lubricated prior to conducting any repairs.

Step 2 – Arrangement Disassembly Plan

One thing that you have to remember before touching anything is that when you take away any part of the faucet; make sure to arrange them in line in the order of your disassembly. This is to make your work easy when time comes for you to put things back in place.

Step 3 – Disassembly and Brand Variation Considerations

There are different brand variations and designs of faucets that will make your methods different. You should have the handles dismounted. This is made possible by taking the cap away.

Step 4 – Removing the Sleeves

When the handles are already dismounted, generally there will be a sleeve above the stem that may also be required to be removed. Because of the varying brands and designs you will encounter, you may figure out a way on how to remove the sleeves.

Step 5 – Valve Stem Verification

After removal of the sleeves and the handles, you are now ready to fix the faucet by verifying the valve stem. The washer is on the opposite side of your valve stem. The stem is commonly threaded on the body of the valve and it may be removed using a screwdriver.

Step 6 – Valve Stem Removal and Washer Replacement

Have the valve stems dismounted. After doing this, verify the washer. If it is already worn out, have it replaced.

Step 7 – Checking Your Seats

Verify your seats. Put your finger through the valve and try to feel the seats if they are rough on your feel. If they are rough, then have them replaced. You can remove them using a seat wrench.

Step 8 – Reassembly

Reverse these steps to reassemble the bathtub faucet.