Repair a Broken Window Pane Repair a Broken Window Pane

What You'll Need
Thick rubber gloves
Putty knife
New window pane
Linseed oil
Glaziers compound

A broken window pane causes a lot of problems. First, it is a major security problem. Buglers can get into the location. The location will be unprotected against outside elements. Whatever causes the broken window pane, the first thing is to repair it first.   

Step 1: Remove the Glass

Because it involves handling with something sharp and glass is going to fly all around, it is best to wear safety equipment. Wear thick rubber gloves and goggles to minimize harm. First, use a broom to sweep up all the broken pieces of glass on the floor. Next, to remove the remaining glass on the window safely, wrap the glass that is splintering out with masking tape. Then, use a hammer to smash the wrapped glass. The splintered glass will stick to the masking tape and glass pieces will not become flying bullets. Knock out any remaining stubborn pieces with a hammer, but do it gently.

Step 2: Removing the Putty

The putty, also known as the glazing, is the window frame that is used seal the pane of glass to the frame. Using a chisel or a scraper, pry out all the old putty from the frame. While prying, be on the lookout for fasteners, tabs that hold the glass in space. The fasteners look like spring clips. For stubborn putty parts, paint some linseed oil over it. This will weaken the putty connection. Scrape it gently to avoid pulling out the entire window frame. Apply linseed oil on wooden window to prevent wood from drying up. For metal frames, put rust resistant paint.

Step 3: Measuring the Frame

Measure the window frame to gauge how the size of the new glass. Do not use exact length and width for the measurement. Windows do undergo contraction and expansion when subject to extreme temperatures, so using an exact fit will cause the glass to crack during high temperature. Start measuring at the inside of the window frame. Subtract about 1/7 inch at each side.

Step 4: Install the New Frame

Now it is time to attach the new frame. Roll glazier’s compound between the palms or on a flat surface to make it look like a long cord. The diameter of the cord should be around ½ cm. Push the cord around the sides of the window frame. Press the new pane of glass firmly against the compound. Air bubbles should be observed. Now attach spring clips every 6 inches around the frame.

Step 5: Seal the Outside Frame

Seal the outside edge with glazier’s compound and press it firmly against the glass. Use a putty knife to smooth the compound. Use the putty knife to scrap off the excess compound, carefully not to scratch the glass. If the compound sticks to the knife, dip the knife in linseed oil. Give the compound about 3 to 4 days to dry completely. Paint the compound and the frame to match the frame.

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